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Innovative solar control mesh: Solar Omega for façades

For the first time, GKD has woven vertical flat wires with horizontal stainless steel wires to provide even more efficient solar protection on façades. This gives the new, innovative Solar Omega solar control mesh more mass at a greater depth and ensures better energy reflection. Façades heat up less in summer while energy consumption is reduced, for example through air conditioning systems.

What’s more, despite its increased mass at a greater depth, the new solution appears just as light as the Omega 1510 and 1520 meshes. It also offers precisely the desired grade of transparency at specific points of the façade – for example, in order to guarantee the best possible transparency at windows and utilize daylight while providing masonry with maximum shading. Depending on the architects’ plans, individual mesh panels can be made up of segments with differing degrees of openness – all thanks to GKD’s weaving technology.

Solar Omega offers a great deal of design and functional flexibility for façades, provides particularly effective solar protection, delivers lower energy consumption in the long term and can significantly increase the energy efficiency of buildings – whether in the form of small mesh panels or room-filling elements measuring up to 13 ft wide and 82 ft long.

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