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Metal mesh

Metal mesh is produced on special wire weaving machines. A wide range of materials is used for manufacturing the mesh. The range of materials for metal meshes extends from non-alloyed steel to non-ferrous metal such as copper, bronze, brass, nickel, nickel-based alloys and high-alloy stainless steels through to titanium and precious metals. Depending on the material and weave type, porous media with a much wider range of uses than textile meshes can be produced.

Metal mesh also differs significantly from high-performance textiles: thanks to the mechanical strength, temperature resistance, conductivity and the versatile possibilities of metal processing. In the field of architecture, metal meshes are also coated, painted, blasted, anodized and printed at GKD.

All metal mesh applications are based on the fact that the meshes are always porous media with precisely defined and reproducible pore sizes. They are therefore predestined for separation and filtration technology. At the same time, the even structures open up many application options in the field of architecture making versatile use of the combination of regularity, transparency and visual appearance.

In addition to the visual impact of metal meshes, the functional advantages in the field of architecture are also convincing, for example as an air-permeable exterior shell of multi-story car parks or stadiums. The structural properties of the mesh allow for an optimal combination of design and function in many applications: Sun protection for façades and roller blinds, sound absorption for false ceilings, safety functions through roller shutters and railings or LED-equipped transparent media façades with metal mesh as the carrier material.

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