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29. May 2015

Effective metal mesh: Excellent solar shading curtain wall

The Turkish Contractors Association (TCA) represents the worldwide interests of Turkey's domestic construction industry. Its new headquarters in Ankara were planned and built according to the highest level of LEED certification (Platinum). A contributing element to the TCA's green building design and construction is a large-scale solar shading curtain wall of Omega type stainless steel woven metal mesh produced by GKD – GEBR. KUFFERATH AG. The curtain wall combines high-quality aesthetics and transparency with effective control of solar heat gain.

For their sustainable building concept for the TCA Headquarters and their holistic approach, Avci Architects received the International Project of the Year Award of the Building Awards in London, 2014. The key elements of their visionary design include the installation of a subterranean thermal labyrinth for passive heating and cooling of the whole building, solar thermal panels, efficient solar shading, the building’s own rainwater tanks and gray water recycling system, and the use of eco-friendly materials. In addition, the building meets all the requirements for a perfect combination of maximum transparency with the necessary protection of the privacy of people working inside it. To efficiently regulate the solar radiation falling on the predominantly glass shell of the building while at the same time affording an unhindered view outwards from inside the building, the architects decided on a second, outer layer of mesh curtain wall. With no seams to be seen, 900 square metres of GKD stainless steel metallic mesh of type Omega envelope the complete headquarters of the TCA from the first floor upwards. The tensioned mesh panels, framelessly adjoined to each other, give the building a monolithic yet at the same time filigree grace. Three types of the cable mesh with different densities – Omega 1510, 1520 and 1530 – were deployed according to the intensity of the solar radiation on the various aspects of the building. In this way, the curtain wall supports the innovative heating and cooling concept of the building by means of the thermal labyrinth. Furthermore, the 100% recyclability of the curtain wall material contributes to the LEED-required minimisation of the building’s ecological footprint.

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