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15. June 2017

New: ODW8 extends filtration mesh product portfolio

With its optimized dutch weaves, GKD - GEBR. KUFFERATH AG offers a mesh structure for demanding tasks in ultrafine filtration that has proven itself in a wide range of applications. The ODW8 now being presented closes the gap between the application range of the ODW6 and the ODW10 – thereby allowing even more precise graduation of the fineness grades.

The key in both industrial and municipal water processing is to comply with ever stricter environmental and resource protection requirements through use of reliable waste water treatment processes. Optimized dutch weaves from GKD guarantee compliance with various filtration rates stipulated in the water filtration sector. The special pore geometry of the optimized dutch weaves increases the dirt holding capacity, as the slot-shaped pores on the surface are smaller than the pores inside the fabric – meaning that particles above the required separation limit are reliably filtered out. This makes the optimized dutch weaves true all-rounders in the field of water processing and provides system operators with unsurpassed process reliability for numerous water filtration applications. ODW10 excels through its high flow rates, as well as good cleaning characteristics with the finest filtration rates. Thanks to its geometric pore size of 6 µm, the flow-optimized stainless steel mesh design of the ODW6 combines separating efficiency in the micro-filtration range with high porosity and up to three times greater throughput performance in comparison with competing micro-screening products. With the new ODW8, GKD is opening up greater application potential with even finer mesh grades.


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