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24. July 2017

Quick & easy: GKD metal mesh façades with general building approval

GKD – GEBR. KUFFERATH AG (GKD) is once again setting worldwide standards with the general building approval for mesh façades, freely suspended ceilings and vertical fall guard protection solutions. The TIGRIS and OMEGA 1520 cable mesh and the ESCALE 7 x 1 spiral mesh are the first mesh façades tested as building products in line with the German Construction Products Regulation to be covered by this approval. As a result, time-consuming and expensive approval on a case-by-case basis is no longer needed for these metal mesh façades. GKD metal meshes are therefore synonymous with façade design without obstacles, even for smaller construction projects.

Thanks to the general building approval for stainless steel mesh from GKD, architects and structural engineers are provided with tested values for the mesh and the accompanying mounting fixtures. This enables them to plan the project efficiently, perform sampling immediately and realize the plans quickly. The general building approval gives installers the security of knowing that GKD meshes are permitted for façade applications and do not require approval on a case-by-case basis. As such, using these tested systems saves them a significant amount of time and money as well as offering legal certainty. Previously unavoidable unknowns during the planning and approval process all the way up to subsequent plan alterations required by the testing authority are now a thing of the past. This planning and execution security offers building owners a safe basis for decision-making at an early stage and the certainty of knowing that they are complying with building law when deploying GKD metal mesh with a general building approval. The external inspection of production stipulated in the general building approval provides additional security that the purchased product is of a high quality: external inspectors check that the quality of the products meets required standards twice per year.

The stainless steel meshes approved by the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt) are among the most popular products for façade design with metal mesh. The granted general building approval specifies mandatory rules for planners and installers on how to use the systems. Moreover, it contains all required performance values on strength and mounting as well as the dimensioning rules for the static calculation. In this way, GKD now not only saves architects and users the risks of an unregulated product, but also makes it easier to plan the project and use the metal mesh façades.

The systems consisting of mesh and mounting fixtures are also approved as vertical fall guard protection solutions. They thereby meet the requirements of the Model Building Regulation and are certified with the compliance mark. In the context of European Construction Products Regulation valid since 2014, the GKD meshes gain additional importance with the general building approval. Experts expect that in the foreseeable future only regulated building products, i.e. those with a general building approval or with case-by-case approval, will be permitted, as is already the case for public building projects. The high international recognition the stringent testing requirements of the German general building approval receive also simplifies planning projects outside Germany. Therefore, building owners and planners everywhere will always be on the safe side with the general building approval for GKD façade systems.

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