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10. May 2017

Spiral belts: new at GKD

Users in countless key sectors rely on synthetic mesh belts designed and produced for specific applications by GKD - GEBR. KUFFERATH AG. Due to their design, however, spiral belts are superior to woven belts for various industrial and municipal applications. GKD has therefore decided to extend the process belt portfolio at its main facility in Düren to include spiral belts, so customers can now also benefit from the holistic solution expertise of the process belt expert for this belt type.

Spiral belts impress in dewatering, transport or drying processes wherever a seam can cause marks in the product or even fail due to mechanical stress. To be able to offer these customers a “Made in Germany” solution with proven quality, GKD installed a complete production environment for spiral belt production in line with the latest standards. The individual spirals are now also produced by GKD and the application-specific fixing process is performed in-house. Depending on the intended application, the company manufactures them from round or flat wires and, on request, can equip them with antistatic properties or improved abrasion resistance. Customer-specific thermosetting lends the spirals the necessary transverse and tracking stability. For use in a double-belt dryer with magnetic support system, they are equipped with an additional seam wire made of magnetic steel, which further increases transverse stability. GKD adjusts the air permeability of the screens depending on the application by inserting specially formed fill wires into the spirals. The aperture of spiral belts corresponds to GKD mesh type 1003, a proven material for sludge dewatering. Larger apertures are selected for dryer applications. The tailored properties of a high-performance spiral belt are rounded off by perfectly matched thermosetting processes, cutting to size and edge sealing on both sides.

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