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08. March 2017

Technological leadership: GKD at the AFS Spring Conference

From 10 to 13 April, 2017, GKD – GEBR. KUFFERATH AG will once again be demonstrating its expertise in filtration technology at the AFS Spring Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. In several talks, Dominik Herper will be showcasing the company's latest developments in woven metal fabrics. The annual conference of the American Filtration & Separations Society covers the complete spectrum of advanced filtration applications and is a central meeting place for users and manufacturers.

This will be GKD’s sixth time at the AFS Conference. In three different talks, development engineer Dominik Herper will be presenting the company’s latest products and discoveries. With its simulation of the bubble point test and the capillary pressure constants determined in this way, GKD has developed a procedure with which the experts can precisely determine the size of the largest pore in a matter of seconds for all conventional mesh types. For the company’s standard weave types, the capillary pressure constants have already been determined using the simulation. Apart from the significant savings in time and money through being able to dispense with the physical screening test, the diameter of the largest pore determined in this way is, in fact, considerably more accurate than is the case with the conventional bubble point test.

Dominik Herper will also be presenting a completely new mesh type developed by GKD: Porometric mesh. This is a very open, 3-dimensional mesh construction that, while maintaining a constant volume flow rate, reduces local pore velocity by up to 40%, with throughput increasing by a similar factor – properties which represent significant advantages for efficient oil and gas exploration. On the basis of a comprehensive experimental study and the tried and tested meshes of its YMAX® product family, GKD used computer simulation and design studies to develop a new mesh weave. Thanks to its significantly increased porosity and air permeability, Porometric mesh with a pore size of 150 µm achieves an air permeability of 4,800 l/m²/s at a pressure of 200 Pa. In spite of this high porosity of over 70 percent, the 3-dimensional mesh is extremely stable. And its open structure also offers attractive advantages in terms of weight. For customers, the 30 percent lower grammage means significant savings, as the reduction in material consumption is reflected in lower production costs. The future-orientated mesh construction has also been signed up by GKD for the annual New Product Award, announced by AFS.

Third new development that will be presented at the AFS Spring Conference is GKD’s optimised dutch weave ODW8. This ODW closes the gap between GKD’s ODW6 and its ODW10 mesh types. ODWs combine a high flow rate and a low tendency to clog with optimal backwashing capability. Slot-shaped pores on the mesh surface that are smaller than the pores inside the mesh ensure that particles above the specified cut point are reliably separated on the mesh surface. Because GKD achieves the small geometric pore size through its weaving process – and not through finishing stages like calendering – a consistently high degree of porosity is guaranteed. Parallel to the talks, GKD will also be exhibiting these three new developments at the small expo that accompanies the conference. The AFS Expo is a regular opportunity for lively interaction with all the many representatives of the international filtration sector.

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