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21. September 2015

Maximum throughput, minimum pressure drop

GKD: Flow-optimised ODW meshes with unrivalled efficiency

When it comes to filtration, the crucial factors for the efficiency of the process are filtration rate, throughput rate, retention rate and lifetime of the filter media. Through purposeful modification and further development, GKD – GEBR. KUFFERATH AG, the international technology leader in the field of woven metallic filter media, has succeeded in making further significant improvements to the flow capacity of its optimised dutch weave meshes (ODW), a filter media that has already proven its worth in numerous filtration processes. These flow-optimised ODW meshes combine long-term reliability of filtration rates in the microfiltration range with almost three times higher throughput rates than the “revolutionary” innovations recently presented on the market. This is possible due to a specific mesh construction with an 8.5-times lower pressure loss coefficient than the products currently being offered by the competition. Other performance factors that contribute to the superiority of these flow-optimised ODW meshes are their low tendency to clog, easy cleaning and long service life.

The full press release is available as PDF download:

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