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29. September 2014

Mediamesh® as a work of art

Whether Piazza del Duomo in Milan, Port Authority Bus Terminal in Times Square, New York, or the American Airlines Arena in Miami: the transparent Mediamesh® media façade system draws attention wherever it goes. As an architecturally integrated system, Mediamesh impresses not only due to the brilliance and quality of its colour, but also above all thanks to its transparency. And now the medialised metallic mesh has been used in a work of art for the first time. A creative installation on a large stainless steel Mediamesh® screen in the Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse in Long Beach, California, has won an award for public art.

With their redesign of the Governor George Deukmejian Courthouse, the architects from AECOM succeeded in building a bridge between the functional importance of the institution and contemporary communication. The five-floor complex houses 31 courtrooms as well as numerous administrative offices in its 45,000 square metres. Interior and exterior glass façades spanning the entire height of the building convey the standard of transparency and openness, and these principles are further underlined by an atrium open right up to roof level. Four metallic mesh panels made of 423 square metres of Tigris stainless steel mesh guide the visitor’s gaze upwards. Across 56 square metres, integrated LED profiles transform the mesh into a gigantic screen, which the artist Jennifer Steinkamp uses to display colourful feathers in digital form. This idea is based on an old legend, according to which feathers symbolise natural order and unaltered truth. The Los Angeles County Arts Commission honoured the work with the award for public art. The Mediamesh® screen derives its luminance from six powerful LEDs per pixel, which are positioned at a distance of four centimetres vertically and five centimetres horizontally (V4H5). This allows the artist’s intricate imagery to unfold in brilliant colour – even in the dazzling sunshine that enters the atrium through the glass façades. Following a variety of commercial deployments, Mediamesh® is thereby also successfully tapping potential in a new field of visual communication.

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