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16. October 2009

Mediamesh® provides a great view of Times Square

To paraphrase Sinatra: If you can make it there, you’ll make it anywhere

It is the epitome of modern life and synonymous with New York: Times Square. Illuminated billboards, theaters and restaurants draw more than 350,000 people to the most famous intersection in the world every day. The place where Broadway crosses 42nd Street is a spectacular meeting point for tourists and locals alike. The 5-star hotel Crowne Plaza Times Square has a prominent place along the magical mile of Manhattan. For more than 50 years its exclusive location has made it a popular site for conferences as well as a place to retreat. To successfully continue this grand tradition, the aging hotel was completely renovated under the guidance of the renowned New York firm Gensler Architecture. The central goal of the architects was to create a calm contrast inside to the whirl of activity outside, while allowing observation of the vibrant square from a safe distance. Mediamesh®, with its semi-transparent shell made of stainless steel mesh and integrated LED profiles, offers an unhindered view from the hotel lobby – the perfect complement to the concept. With the press of a button, the delicate veil becomes a huge, transparent TV screen, contributing its brilliant, high-resolution videos and advertisements to the colorful concert of billboards outside, day and night. This first transparent media facade on Times Square has revolutionized illuminated advertising along this pulsating artery: Until now, the rooms behind such a screen became less desirable due to lack of light and view. Thanks to the optical permeability of Mediamesh®, the problem becomes ancient history.

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