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07. August 2015

“Not having to clean the belt really saves us time and money!”

New GKD heating belt gave a convincing performance at Klingele

Productivity, quality and flexibility are key factors in securing the Klingele Group’s rank among the five largest producers of corrugated board and corrugated packaging. The family-owned company, now in its third generation, distinguishes itself through continuous high investments into new technologies that bring tangible added value for its customers and reduction of impact on the environment. In Werne, the most recent of the four German box plants, this innovative company has been working since 2013 according to the lean management principle. This puts the focus on increasing overall equipment effectiveness as well as comprehensive planning and control of all processes. The consequence of this is that existing machinery is also being specifically optimised. Since October 2014, the box plant in Werne has therefore been using the innovative upper belt CONDUCTO® 3313 made by GKD – Gebr. Kufferath AG in the heating section. Its open mesh construction allows immediate, full-surface evaporation of steam from the corrugated board in the heating section. The result is an optimisation of production efficiency through considerable savings in terms of glue consumption, steam energy and cleaning costs. In addition, the special mesh construction of polyester, aramide and bronze combines full protection against electrostatic discharge with long lasting consistent robustness of the belt.

The full press release is available as PDF download:

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