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23. September 2013

Upstream Optimised Dutch Weaves in hot gas filtration

Hot gas filtration with operating temperatures over 260°C puts extreme demands on the filter media used. But thermal resistance is not the only issue here. Efficient filtration, reliable retention rates and long service life are also crucial for profitable plant operation. So the cleanability of filter media during operation for the maintenance of a constant pressure differential is a significant factor. Because of the high operating temperatures, polymer filters are not suitable for these processes. The conventional solutions are nonwovens and corrosion-proof, chemical resistant stainless steel meshes.

An extensive study has now compared the performance of multi-layered constructions of these media in terms of filtration efficiency, pressure drop and cleanability. One special focus of the study was a comparison of the combination of nonwovens and stainless steel meshes as opposed to multi-layered constructions made exclusively of woven metal meshes. The study showed that in both variants, an upstream filter using Optimized Dutch Weave (ODW) made by GKD – Gebr. Kufferath AG was particularly efficient. Combinations with this woven mesh type significantly increased the service life of the filter media in hot gas filtration.

The full press release is available as PDF download:

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