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12. December 2002

Woven Plastic Mesh in the Fruit Juice Industry

Ingenious process belt technology boosts efficiency

Drop for drop a winner. Increasing demands mean that the fruit juice industry must achieve maximum possible efficiency in its exploitation of raw materials. In view of this challenge, the optimisation of mechanical juice extraction processes is gaining constantly in significance. Here, double screen presses with woven plastic mesh belts are key factors for success. The special material properties of these belts ensure that high yields and continuous running are achieved. GKD – Gebr. Kufferath AG, Düren, a company well-known to and with excellent knowledge of the fruit juice industry, supplies both efficient and robust process belts made of woven plastic mesh. Thanks to its expert know-how as a woven metal mesh specialist, this internationally renowned company produces more stable and more robust plastic process belts than can normally be found on the market.

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